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All component styles are written with low specificity in mind. This ensures that any utility classes have higher specificity.

You can also leverage CSS Layers to have even better control of your specificity. This can be also combined with TailwindCSS layers.


@layer winduum-base, winduum-components, winduum-utilities, winduum-variants;

@import "winduum/src/base/index.css" layer(base);
@import "winduum/src/ui/index.css" layer(components);
@import "winduum/src/components/index.css" layer(components);
@import "winduum/src/utilities/index.css" layer(utilities);

@layer winduum-base {
  @tailwind base;

@layer winduum-components {
  @tailwind components;

@layer winduum-utilities {
  @tailwind utilities;

@layer winduum-variants {
  @tailwind variants;

Released under the MIT License.